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Professional Concrete Cutters

STIHL professional-level concrete cutters feature an excellent power-to-weight ratio and high cutting speeds. Their unique lightweight and compact design makes them ideal for a wide range of construction and renovation jobs.

  • GS 461 ROCK BOSS®

    A powerful concrete cutter designed for deep cutting and square...
    DSRP: $2,219.95

Concrete Cutter Accessories

STIHL concrete cutters are built to give you an edge in construction and renovation, grinding through concrete, masonry, asphalt, and other tough materials. These complementing products from STIHL will make sure your concrete cutter is ready to rock.

  • 36 GBE - Economy / Rental Diamond Abrasive Chain

    Value-priced Diamond Abrasive Chain (exclusively for the GS 461...
    DSRP: $269.95 - $319.95
  • 36 GBM - General Purpose Diamond Abrasive Chain

    A diamond abrasive chain made exclusively for the GS 461 STIHL ROCK...
    DSRP: $419.95 - $519.95
  • Cutting Guide

    A mountable cutting guide for easier control when cutting concrete...
    DSRP: $32.95

    A guide bar made exclusively for the GS 461 STIHL ROCK BOSS®...
    DSRP: $164.95 - $214.95